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Welcome to AniAPI official documentation. Our API follows REST architecture, returns JSON-Encoded responses using standard HTTP response codes. Each response will be formatted like the following:

Example response
{    "status_code": 200,         // The response HTTP status code    "message": "Anime found",   // An arbitrary message indicating response content    "data": {                   // The response JSON-Encoded content        "anilist_id": 1,        "mal_id": 1,        "format": 0,        "status:": 0,        "titles": {            "en": "Cowboy Bebop",            "jp": "カウボーイビバップ"        },        // ...        "id": 0    },    "version": "1"              // The response API version}

We also support OAuth as the main authentication system. You can find more information in Authentication.


Official client libraries#

dotnet add package AniAPI.NET